Procurement Clerk / Purchasing assistants
发布时间 : 5-Jun-2018
职位 : Procurement Clerk / Purchasing assistants
职位等级 : 非执行人员
职业类型 : 农业/林业/渔业
学历 : 小学/中学/SPM/O水准
职业性质 : 全职
职业说明 : responsible for preparing purchase orders. Might be asked to review prices and product specifications from various suppliers to determine which would provide the best deal. Other duties might include creating and maintaining purchasing files and price lists.

Additionally, track deliveries and make sure companies receive exactly what was ordered from suppliers.Physically check shipments to ensure the appropriate items were delivered.
工作地点 : 柔佛
其它工作地点 :
工作经验 : 0
年龄 : -
月薪 : -
技能要求 :


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