Agricode Rubber Strong
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AGRICODE Rubber Strong enhances the rubber tree in biological and physiological reactivity. Increase the milk extraction. Recover the wound after taping sooner and improve the tree condition.

Product content:

Chemical Properties (Dry Basis)
Paddy 01 Total-N/Nitrogen 10%
Available P2O5/Phosphorus 3%
Water Soluble K2O/Potassium 8%
Water Soluble MgO/Magnesium 1%
Water Soluble CaO/Calcium 0.60%
Trace Element(Mo, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Co, Ge, Se) >1%
Hydrolyzed and free amino acid group >15%

Product Ingredients:
Brown alga extract, fruity acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, hydrolyzed and free amino acid group.

Product Effectiveness
AGRICODE 20 Paddy Strong is special design to meet the nutrient demand characteristics of the crop, such as rice and corn. AGRICODE 20 Paddy Power can be absorb fast directly from the leave or the roots, it can be transformed and utilized rapidly in the plant cell, stimulate the plant growth, thus increase the output and quality. silica is one of the essential element for rice, which able to increase nutrient use efficiency thus can strengthen the sheath and increase the plant resistancy towards sheath blight, riceblast, brown spot and strengthen the paddy from slump.

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